Ocean City Jeep Week sees 4×4 offroad fun on the beach

OCEAN CITY, Md- Jeep enthusiasts got the chance to put their skills to the test on the offroad sand course at the beach in ocean city,
with steep incline tough maneuvers and a lot of fun for all involved.

“It’s just cool to drive on the sand the water it’s right next to you and everyone is waving the parade there it’s just neat,” said participant Bob Mickonis.

Mickonis tells he is part of the leadership for Virginia Beach’s upcoming beach jeep event, and came to Ocean City to see the event in action.

The event also featured a tougher off-road course in Pittsville and a festival outside of the Ocean City Convention Center, where vendors helped enthusiasts purchase upgrades for their jeeps, while well-maintained models were displayed for the public to admire.

“Using it the way it was meant for is awesome but being able to build it out together and have people appreciate it is always fun,” said vintage Jeep owner Darren Tesselle.

Event organizers say the event has been a smash hit, already surpassing 2019 levels of attendance and participants.

“They are excited to be back in Ocean City, back for Jeep week and this year is probably the biggest one we have ever had before in 2020 it wasn’t open to the public it was participant only so its incredible to see the crowds here,” Event Director Brad Hoffman said.

Hoffman tells us the vendors were thrilled to be able to be a part of the event, and that he hopes the event will be shown to have a greater economic impact, with visitors staying in hotels and frequenting local bars and restaurants.






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