Maryland Lottery, Casinos and Sports Wagering contribute record-breaking $1.511 Billion

MARYLAND- The results are in from the Maryland lottery and gaming results for this year and the numbers are breaking records.

They generated generating over $1.5 billion dollars. The new record for contributions to the state, which includes funds from the lottery, casino gaming, sports wagering, and fantasy competitions, beat the prior mark set last year by $120 million. Officials tell 47ABC the contributions will go to supporting schools, public health, public safety, and other programs.

“I certainly think from our perspective they look towards that funding,” John Martin, Director of MD Lottery and Gaming, said. “Since 2010, casinos have contributed over $4.6 billion to the education trust fund, in addition, they have a number of other causes they support, roughly $106 million to local communities.”

Locally, the Ocean Downs Casino is contributing to over $167,000 dollars to the state.