Latest round of grant funding provides financial support for Maryland childcare facilities


MARYLAND-  More support for childcare centers across Maryland is on the way as the latest round of Childcare Stabilization Grant Program funds are now open.

The Maryland State Department of Education will distribute $50 million to address the financial burdens many child care providers are facing due to COVID-19 and now record high inflation.

One recipient, the Night Watch Child Care Center in Salisbury, says they had a waitlist and space but no staff to meet the demand.

Owner Amy Stewart tells us with this funding they’re able to do more than hire new hands. “But we had some amazing staff that were already part of the team who were either substitutes or teacher aids and they’ve gone on and made that commitment to follow this as a career path and we’ve been able to support them with paying for classes,” Stewart said.

“It’s also freed me up more to work directly with our parents. Parents who we’ve either had before and getting either through the childcare voucher process or childcare scholarship process. We also have new families coming in and I’m able to meet with them more directly.”

Those applications will be open through August 29th.

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