Habitat for Humanity requesting 600K in funding for fiscal year 2023

Milton, Del. – One family is getting ready to make their move into a new home in Sussex County.

Putting that roof over their heads wouldn’t have happened without help from Habitat for Humanity. In fact, Habitat for Humanity is requesting $600,000 dollars ahead of the new year to be able to provide more housing for Delawareans.

This will be their foundation, their peace, their ability for her son to have a good education and feel safe, but also have long-lasting generational wealth,” says Delaware Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester. 

It’s because of homes just like this, that Habitat for Humanity of Sussex County is requesting community project funding.

“Land is foundational to affordable housing without land you can’t generate the housing so we’re looking forward to using these funds in the future to provide more stable affordable housing for those in need in Sussex county,” says Kevin Gilmore, CEO of Sussex County Habitat for Humanity.

In these homes, you’ll find everything from spacious rooms to new and efficient appliances. From each hammer to nail it’s an all-hands-on-deck effort to make these projects possible.

“A lot of volunteers came out to this project to help build this house and even the home buyer herself, she’s been out here doing what we call sweat equity, so it’s her time and investment in the construction of her house, which helps advance the house construction but also she knows things about her house when she goes in there,” says Kevin Gilmore, CEO of Sussex County Habitat for Humanity.

The CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Sussex County says funding is bigger than the area.

“Not having stability is a challenge for our society so stable affordable housing is foundational not just to the person whose in that house but to our whole society,” says Kevin Gilmore, CEO of Sussex County Habitat for Humanity.

Even Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester stands behind the project.

“Stable affordable housing allows families to be safe, it allows them to build generational wealth with home ownership and it provides stability it creates safe communities when people are able to be in stable affordable housing,” says Delaware Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester.

Officials say the applications have been rolling in and many more families can be supported with this funding, so it is Congresswoman Blunt Rochester’s hope that the funding does get approved. She anticipates the bill will be passed in September or October and will then head to the president’s desk for his signature.

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