Delmar’s Mid-Atlantic little league softball champs set out to take on the World Series

Delmar, Md. – The sound of fire trucks alarming occurred earlier for the Delmar Little League softball team who was escorted by the fire department for a parade.

This was in celebration of their win to go to the world series! Some of the girls on the team explain how they got to the World Series.

“Hanging out with friends, keep practicing and we kept working together as a team in the field, we kept just working harder,” says player Ella Twilley.
“Playing with all the same teammates and expecting to win,” says player Macy Rickards.

Coach Jessica Smith agrees, she says the girls put in a great amount of work to get here.

“They have been practicing hard, every game is a new game and they go in it just as hard as the last game, I think the practicing just never giving up, never stopping keeps pushing them further and further,” says Coach Jessica Smith.

Coach Smith also says this is more than just a win for the City of Delmar.

“I think even just getting there is just a huge win for us, this is something delmar little league has never done before, I’m excited for our girls, I’m excited for our town, we’re not only representing our town and the state of Maryland but now the Mid-Atlantic Region and I’m really excited to see what these girls are going to show,” says Coach Jessica Smith.

Now on to the World Series, the girls tell me what they have to do to win it all.

“We’re going to keep working on and practicing, we’re going to keep working on hitting so we can hit off of the pitchers in the games and we can be better and win by more,” says player Ella Twilley. “Keep practicing,” says player Macy Rickards.

Coach Smith has a few encouraging words for the team ahead of their matchup at the World Series:

“Never give up, never stop believing in yourself and keep pushing and pushing to get better, play as a team and we’re going to come out as the winner,” says Coach Jessica Smith.  1.59 >

The championship game is on August 9th in Greenville North Carolina and we wish the team the best of luck. The team has two fundraisers, tomorrow at Delmar pizza from 5 to 7:30 PM you can come out and show your support. You can get a ticket from a team member. And the team is asking for your support in their fundraiser Gifts and Go, this will help the team travel to the World Series.

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