Delmar gives Little League softball a heroes’ homecoming as they return from LL World Series


DELMAR, Md. – Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear cleats, batting gloves, or catcher’s gear.

Tuesday afternoon, Delmar’s Little League softball team got the landing party of a lifetime as they returned home from the Little League World Series. Although the team ultimately fell to Texas in the final game, the community made it clear that Delmar was the true champion in their eyes.

Heroes’ Homecoming

The team says they were feeling that love in a big way. “I thought it was amazing that all these people came out to support us, and that they were home or at the fields watching us play. They were here cheering us on. Even though we didn’t see them, they were still here,” said third baseman Ella Twilley.

Pitcher Macy Rickards says the girls were elated to see their community supporting them. “I’m really, really excited and happy because I know that all of these fans that are here are here supporting us and helping us get through this,” she said.

Outpouring of Support

Tuesday’s welcome home celebration came together very quickly, according to Umpire Chief and Delmar Little League Board member Brian Green. Even in the middle of the work day, Green says he was expecting a big turnout from the community.

“It’s awesome that Delmar Little League was playing in the World Series. It’s every kid’s dream that steps on a Little League field – boy and girl,” said Green. “Delmar is a sports town. This is just another check on our box of sports accomplishments.”

And, turn out they did, because that’s just how Delmar is. “The people of this town are proud. We’re going to do this right. When I say do it right, the town is going to show their support,” said Delmar Town Manager Jeff Fleetwood. “[The team] ought to be very proud of what they’ve accomplished.”

Memories Made, Bonds Bolstered

Rickards broke records and batters hearts in the World Series. She pitched a no hitter and racked up 18 strike outs. Rickards says it wouldn’t have been possible without her teammates. “There’s not really any pressure or anything because I know that if they were to hit off of me, all my defense will have my back,” she said.

And for Twilley, she says it’s that tight-knit bond that can only be found on the diamond that carried the team through. “We’re all friends, and we make jokes with each other. We have to keep supporting each other in what we decide to do. We need to be close together, and cheer each other on,” said Twilley.

Twilley says now that the team is back home, it’s time to rest up and celebrate. She says since this was the last year on the team for some of the girls, she’s glad they could make it this far. But, now they know what they need to do to win the big title next time around. “It’s that positive mindset. We need to keep telling everyone that, or else we’re going to get down. But, we won’t get down because we keep everyone up,” she said.

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