Deadline to apply for Healthy Lifestyles Grant is tomorrow

DELAWARE – Delawarean businesses have an opportunity to help improve the community’s health through the Healthy Lifestyles Mini-grant.

It’ll help improve health and reduce chronic health conditions. Specifically, officials are trying to reduce obesity, all while achieving health equity for all Delawareans. This comes after a 2021 study that revealed that 36.5% of adult Delawareans were overweight. Black Delawareans were 43% obese compared to their white counterparts. The award ranges from $5,000 to $15,ooo dollars and could help change those statistics.

“Successful mini-grant proposals must address the AHL goals and outcomes which include improving and increasing access for physical activity and healthy foods by applying a policy system or environmental approach through further intervention,” says Shebra Hall, the PANO Administrator with the Delaware Division of Public Health.

The deadline to apply is tomorrow and here is the link to apply. Awardees will be announced in September.

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