City of Milford sees major progress in staffing, still in need of solid waste personnel

MILFORD – Del. – The city of Milford is currently facing a labor shortage in its Solid Waste Department that’s impacting residents.

Department personnel tell 47ABC,  there’s three routes for solid waste and to complete them they’ve had to use help from outside hands including the city’s Street and Sidewalk Department.

We’re told, the labor shortage has also led to customers seeing trash schedules fall behind as far as a week in some cases.

Despite these challenges, department personnel say that residents have been patient during this difficult time and that getting pickups back on track is their top priority. “I understand how it feels to be a customer wondering when is my service going to come, especially when you have trash pilling up,” Solid Waste Equipment Operator Darryl Tilghman said.  

“It’s getting better or whatnot, but the sooner you can get all the positions filled the easier the work day goes.”

Despite those shortages, the city’s electric department is now fully staffed thanks to a bonus incentive rolled out last year.

Other roles still looking to be filled are in Customer Service and the IT department.

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