Celebrating one year of success for Salisbury’s Newton Community Center

SALISBURY, Md.- Newton Community Center, in Salisbury, is celebrating their one year anniversary of being open and those who have volunteered their time there or have helped it grow, are grateful for the impact it’s having.

“We didn’t always have these opportunities when I was younger, so to give them to other kids coming up I feel like that’s the only thing kids want is to have a chance,” Zion Rivera, a Salisbury resident, said.

Rivera lives just a walking difference from Salisbury’s Newton Community Center.  This is a space that used to be grim with little light, but has now turned colorful and bright, bringing affordable programs to families while engaging kids in safe activities.”Growing up here was very interesting because we didn’t have like a place like this to go where kids had the opportunity to do music, to do art, to get into the community, and do things differently than just sitting at home or getting in trouble for stuff,” Rivera said.

The center opened a year ago and since then Rivera has spent time here lending a helping hand. “It feels great and I want to be able to help and be a part of it; and I think that’s what my main focus is,” Rivera said.

He’s also had a chance to express his love for music inside of his favorite room, which is the studio. ” It makes access really easy, especially being free. So it’s like no charge and it’s great equipment, it’s great stuff to use,” Rivera said.

But, Rivera isn’t the only one seeing how much this place is making a difference. Community Program Coordinator Robert Reed sees it too. “I think it’s been a huge part of getting that reassurance that the City and the people working here actually do care,” Reed said. “Transportation is a huge challenge in this area, and through our community center, being able to provide these resources and these services to the families that is like right here in their backyard, I think it makes it very much easier on them.

While the center has brought after school programs, GED services, and more within a year, we’re told the work here is not finished.

“The sky is the limit, anything that we are trying to establish let’s make it happen,” Reed said. “Right now, we are actually going to bring into possibly expanding on a research lab for our community so that they have access to computers, and WiFi and printed materials.”

Another project the center is working on is building a better studio. They also would like to establish more partnerships within the community.

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