Assateague Island National Seashore makes important safety changes

BERLIN, Md.- Assateague Island National Seashore made some important changes this season to make the park safer for both visitors and wild horses.
Due to increased visitation to the park, the Horse Management Program decided to make the move. This includes more rangers on the ground and getting two more UTV’s, which allows them to efficiently respond to incidents on the beach. Another thing they’ve added is “red zone” areas to identify places where they’ve had negative human-horse interactions.
“So, horses biting people, kicking people on the beach, we’ve had a few people get trampled, we’ve had dogs get trampled, but also for the horses safety we want to keep them out of the road, we don’t want them to get hit by cars, we don’t want our horses to be fed,” Sara Tobin, Lead Horse Management Ranger, said.
We’re told red zones are marked and rangers are being transparent about where those areas are.
They also said so far they’ve seen a good response to these changes.
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