ACLU Delaware to represent Delaware woman in vanity license plate case

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DELAWARE – The ACLU of Delaware has announced it will represent a Delaware woman who was censored for a vanity license plate.

Kari Lynn Overington, a cancer survivor,  had a vanity license plate that read “FCANCER”.

Now that plate was first approved by the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles who later recalled it.

Last year, Overington filed a lawsuit in a federal district court without an attorney over censorship of her First Amendment rights to speech and expression.

Now as acting legal counsel, ACLU Delaware says they’re stepping and taking action to give Overington her voice back. “What we really want here is a very clear articulation, view point neutral policy the state adopts for permitting vanity license plates moving forward,” Legal Director Dwyane Bensing said.

“Overington’s license plate is clearly on the side of the First Amendment protected speech. There’s no profanity. Her message is quite clear that she wishes to fight cancer as a cancer survivor.”

Recently, a judge rejected the state’s motion to dismiss the case and claimed it raised a “significant constitutional issue.”

ACLU Delaware tells 47ABC, the next step in the process is to file an amended complaint.

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