Wiersberg Warriors becomes an official non-profit to give back to the community

FRUITLAND, Md.- Through tough times, everyone could use a hand to hold. For the Wiersberg family, they received this support as their loved one, Spencer Wiersberg, fought against a rare form of bone cancer.

“It was just too much, I don’t want to say the cancer won because it didn’t, Spence is still with us but he did earn his angel wings on January 12 of 2020,” Gerrie Wiersberg, Spencer’s mom, said.

During Spencer’s fight, his family created the Wiersberg Warriors Facebook page and recently they received exciting news. “We’ve started a non-profit in his memory, so the Weirsberg Warriors Foundation is officially official,” Gerrie said.”I think any family knows who has suffered such a loss, you lose your footing for awhile, but we found it we are continuing Spence’s mission of protecting and serving.”

“You know we always say i’ts time to step up like people stepped up for us,” Sam Wiersberg, Spencer’s sister, said.

Gerrie told us she wants to bring more resources to young adults and their caregivers. “The whole point is to raise funds like were raised for Spencer so that we can hopefully donate money towards people on the Eastern Shore, the young adults particularly who are suffering from cancer,” Gerrie said.

Gerrie adds she hopes by accomplishing this goal, she’s making her children proud. “I’ve always tried to make my children proud of me and I think that’s any parents goal right is to make life better for the next generation and to live life of example to make your children proud of you and hopefully they then can continue your legacy,” Gerrie said.

For Sam, she’s eager to lift the siblings up that are standing by their family member’s side through those challenging times. “To say you know, I’m here for you, I don’t know exactly what you’re going through, but I have an idea and if you want to talk I’m here; if not that’s okay too just know that you have a shoulder to cry on or laugh on if you need it,” Sam said.

Sam said while her family is thrilled to begin this new adventure, she knows Spencer is smiling up above. “You imagine your loved ones in heaven and i know hes just got that little smirk and he once told us i would be so mad at you if you just sat around and be sad, and we are sad but we are not sitting 35 and we are running full force and we are doing it and he better be happy because this is for him.”

Now, with Spencer’s 26th birthday on Sunday we’re told this announcement is the perfect way to honor him.

Spencer’s mom told us the foundation is just starting out so they will be doing fundraisers and working on their website.

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