Vendors are excited to be at the Delaware State Fair and share their products with fairgoers

HARRINGTON, Del.- With the Delaware State Fair opening once again, it means small businesses have a chance to showcase their items.

You can find homemade jewelry, candles, clothes, and more. For some of these business owners, it’s their first time at the fair, but others have been coming for years. We’re told with an event like this bringing in many people from all areas it’s the perfect time to promote their products, especially in times when businesses have faced challenges.

“We’re hoping to just get more exposure so people can see our products and experience our candle scents,” Micah Adams, with Henlopen Candle Works, said. “We believe we have excellent candles with good throw and that people will really enjoy.”

“It is a great business, it brings in a solid crowd and they like what I have and buy and I can’t complain about that,” Karen Pugh, owner of KPughDesigns, said.

Vendors tell us another great part of the Delaware State Fair is being able to connect with other small businesses.

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