Somerset County School District to Recieves funding for Five Additional School Resource Officers

Scps Increased Security

SOMERSET COUNTY, Md- The Somerset County School district announced Thursday that funding had been finalized for 5 additional school resource officers from the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office.

The district is set to pay for half the cost, with the other coming from a bump in funding to the Sherriff’s office, approved by the Somerset County Board of Commissioners.

“We’re going to have four more officers that will be in schools and one that will be a rover that can respond if we have any situation in any of our schools,” said Somerset County Public School District Superintendent Dr. John Gaddis.
Gaddis says the move came in response to the recent tragedy in Uvalde Texas and hopes the move will treasure students and teachers of the safety of the building.
The resource officers would undergo intensive training to learn how to operate in and serve the school districts, including interacting daily with students, staff, and parents.
However, Gaddis says the most crucial part of the training will cover what to do during an active shooting scenario, which he hopes will avoid the chain of command breakdown in Uvalde that saw armed officers waiting outside a classroom with the shooter still inside.
“The role of the resource officer is very clear, if someone comes in and we have an active shooting they have one goal, to find the target and eliminate the target,” Gaddis said.
Once hired and trained, the Officers will be stationed at Crisfield Academy, Crisfield High School,  Somerset Intermediate School, Washington Academy, and Washington High School.
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