Pony Auction returns to Chincoteague after 2 years of online-only bidding

CHINCOTEAGUE, Va- The Pony Auction returned to Chincoteague Island Thursday morning, featuring in-person and online bidding for the over 60 foals up for auction.

For many, including Ted and his daughter Morgan Daisey, it was their very first time bidding on a pony.

“It was overwhelming, surreal I feel like it hasn’t been processed yet,” Ted said.

While the Daisey’s and many of the other bidders were local to Delmarva some traveled from Tennessee, Kentucky and even Minessota to get a chance to come home with the prized ponies.

“I loved the Island I love the ponies I love the history and story of the area and my goal with this pony is to take it back to the Minnesota area and share it with students and promote the industry with this beautiful pony,” said bidder Margo Gulbranson.

The record-breaking pony of the day was a buyback pony, a pony that is returned to the herd to keep the population strong, that was bid to $30,000. All proceeds go to helping the Chincoteague Volunteer fire company, who were on hand for the auction and thrilled to see it back in person.

“They raise a lot of money with the buybacks and people pay more money for those than a normal horse so that is where we see the records,” said Fire Captian Billy Reed.






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