First case of monkeypox reported in Dorchester Co.

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CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Health officials have announced the first human case of monkeypox in Dorchester County.

This is the 87th case in Maryland, and the first reported in the county thus far.

“Although human monkeypox is rare in the U.S. and the risk of transmission to the general public is low, we urge residents to learn about the signs and symptoms, exercise caution, and continue to practice good hygiene, including frequent washing of hands with soap and water,” said Dorchester County health officer Roger L. Harrell.

Monkeypox can spread from person to person through direct contact with the infectious rash, scabs, or body fluids, respiratory secretions during prolonged face-to-face contact or during intimate physical contact, and touching items that previously touched the infectious rash or bodily fluids.

Symptoms include:

  • Fever, headache, muscle aches and backache
  • Swollen lymph nodes, chills, exhaustion
  • A rash that can look like pimples or blisters

Those infected with monkeypox are asked to isolate at home. There are a limited supply of vaccines to prevent monkeypox infection.

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