Fairgoers enjoying the Delaware State Fair rides

HARRINGTON, Del. – There’s no fair without attractions!

Fairgoers tell 47 ABC that the rides really complete the fair experience. They say the rides allow them to have a good time. Some ride favorites are the Zipper and the Ferris Wheel. Whether it’s your first time or not and no matter the age, you too can enjoy the fair rides .

“I just like the thrill and excitement of just being on a ride but I also like the environment ya know the whole atmosphere of being at a theme park,” says Isabel Flores.  

“We’ll I did the rides but I just wanted to make my 75th birthday because I’m 74 and I just wanted to make my 75th,” says Tina Furman.

“I’m too old for that but I enjoy watching them,” said Bruce Furman. 

“I tried to ride the rides but I’m a little bit scared,” says Bill Bullock.

You too can check out the fair rides, they will be open everyday between 1 pm and 11pm.

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