Delmarva facing heat wave, what Beebe Healthcare is seeing in their ER

LEWES. Del. – Health officials are urging that you take measures to be safe amid the heat wave.

In Lewes, health officials are seeing mild disease of heat exhaustion. They say this is due to what they call climatization or accumulation. This process is where the body becomes used to the heat however because these extreme temperatures are not consistent our bodies don’t have the opportunity to adjust. Elderly and younger populations are the more vulnerable for risk of heat-related issues. Heat stroke is the most severe condition relating to heat. But doctors with Beebe Healthcare tell us the clear difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke in case you need to help someone near you.

“The big differentiator of heat stroke and other heat illnesses is that typically have some sort of change to their nervous system that could be change to their mental status, it could be loss of consciousness,” says Dr. Nick Perchiniak, ER Medicine Physician for Beebe Healthcare.

The doctor says it’s best to make your schedule around the heat to avoid these issues. Also watch out for the elderly and youth and make sure you’re drinking enough water. Most importantly if you see anyone with these symptoms call 911 to get help.

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