Delaware State Fair vendor Tropical Delights serves up fruit-based alternative to ice cream

DELAWARE STATE FAIR- If you’re planning on checking out the Delaware state fair and looking for a tasty way to beat the heat,
one stand is offering a special treat that you can’t find in many places.

The Tropical Delights stand is serving up all kinds of fruit-based desserts and drinks, but their specialty is the Pineapple Dole whip.
It’s a whole pineapple, blended until it’s the consistency of a soft serve ice cream, and is vegan and gluten-free, providing an alternative for those who struggle with dairy or want to avoid animal products.
Owner Reginald Burnette says his stand can provide a refreshing break from all that typical fair food.

“We have something that is different really smooth and we have had a lot of people ask for something vegan and lighter and really liked that we had that option so it is a big hit,” he said.

The stand has been traveling across the country, with this being its second year at the fair.



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