Sussex County Council Candidate Speaks on Affordable Housing

SUSSEX COUNTY, De -Sussex County’s access to affordable housing has continued to cause headaches in the area.

The county’s Planning and Zoning Commissioner recently voted on an initiative that seemingly addressed the issue, but one member of the commission still thinks more can be done.

The ordinance in question supports the development of apartment buildings as opposed to single-family homes.

47 ABC spoke with member Kellen Hopkins — to get a better understanding of the issue.

Hopkins said, “at the end of the day, we need to provide homeownership for working-class people and stop giving developers another opportunity to make huge profits, He also said “50 percent of Sussex County’s median income is 65 thousand dollars a year, that’s for the household. In many cases that’s the husband and the wife together, and you can’t even rent a place hardly on 65 thousand dollar house income let alone purchase and have ownership

Hopkins also said, the initiative only helps a small population of Sussex county who can actually afford the apartment complex, which doesn’t address the bigger issue.

Hopkins is also running for Sussex County Council in the 5th district.


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