Organizations work to supply summer meals for students

MARYLAND – The school year may be wrapping up but that doesn’t mean students who rely on those school lunches for a nutritional meal are out of luck.

Midshore Meals till Monday in Dorchester County and Adopt A Block in Wicomico County both work to distribute and deliver meals for students in their families during the school year and during the summer months.

“We have seen a very sharp increase in the number of families calling on us to help with food assistance,” said Meals Til Monday Director Leslie Bishop.

Bishop tells us her organization works by distributing the food to summer camp and summer school programs, as well as delivering the meals in the weeks in between for nearly 8,000 students. She says she expects even more parents to reach out, once they see how much inflation has driven up prices at the store.

“I anticipate once school ends and parents realize ‘oh my goodness we are not getting breakfast and lunch for our kids and there are no more Meals Til Monday in the school that’s when they will reach out and where we will be available to help,” Bishop said.

Mark Thompson of Adopt A Block says he expects a similar trend in Wicomico County, where he says his organization distributes to over 250 families a weak for a total of 3,500 dollars of food every two weeks.

“We do see an increase of families not just children its the whole family going hungry,” he said. He says, unlike families that are paying more for groceries due to record inflation, his organization as well as Bishop’s are partners with the Maryland foodbank. which according to Thompson is not passing on higher costs.

“Those numbers are staying pretty consistent,” Thompson said.

That’s why he says he wants families to reach out for help.

“If they need food please reach out do not let your insecurities or pride step in the way of getting free food that you need,” he said.

Those who are looking for assistance can reach out to Midshore Meals Til Monday and Adopt a Block.

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