One family shares their frustrations with the Division of Family Services

ELLENDALE, Del. – One family is sharing their story and frustrations with the Delaware Divison of Family Services.

Grandparent Pamala Richardson and her niece say they just want some answers at this point. They have been dealing with family services for two different children and now they are speaking out on the issues they have experienced.

“To drop his safety plan, he was no longer protected, who protects this child,” says Grandparent Pamala Richardson.

That’s the question a concerned grandparent is asking after a safety plan was ended for her grandchild in the custody of the Delaware division of family services. I reached out to DFS to learn exactly what a safety plan does.

“A child safety plan is a temporary arrangement so it’s something that’s put in place to allow the parents time to do what we feel is necessary and they also feel is necessary to work on the needs of their child,” says Trenee Parker the Director of the Delaware Division of Family Services.

DFS also tells me that they do everything to keep children with their families.

“Our goal is to safely return the child to the care of his or her parents to make sure that again we are doing what we can to reunify and maintain that family system, with that priority always being safety,” says Trenee Parker.

But for this family, they’re not happy with the way DFS is handling their family’s case.

“They dropped the case, thats wrong this poor kid could have ended up in a car with only god knows who, the father, my granddaughter who is on drugs, he could have been killed who could have got anything,” says Grandparent Pamala Richardson.

Each case is different and due to confidentiality reasons, I was not able to ask DFS about the details of this case. But that doesn’t change the frustration this family is feeling.

“I would like to see them-everybody get their act together, do the right thing, protect these kids up until the end,” says Grandparent Pamala Richardson.

“I would like the division of family services to actually step up 5.43.48 and apologize, you let 2 children that are related to me pretty much fin for themselves,” says Cousin, Donna Murtagh.

Donna Murtagh says this is bigger than just the case of her two little cousins, rather everyone under the Delaware Division of Family Services.

“So for the safety of not only these children in this case, what about the rest of the children that are being supervised by safety plans through the division of family services,” says Cousin, Donna Murtagh.

Pamala Richardson has also reached out to her local officials to take action. She believes that people going through communication issues with Family Services should also have access to lawyers. Communication has been a problem for the Richardson family, however, Family Services says the issue of communication can come from the disconnect within families. But to help with that they recommend keeping everyone in the family updated about the case.

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