Momnibus Package passes the House, now to the Senate

DELAWARE – In the fight to put an end to negative outcomes of Black maternal health, the Momnibus Package: a group of bills has passed the house.

However, before the bill passed, there were some concerns with the language that came up. And that was to include all women rather than just Black women. Bill sponsor Representative Melissa Minor-Brown says that her bill package is about Black women and their voices deserve to be heard.

“We have done so much work around Black maternal mortality and in order to really address the disparities that exist we have to be intentional, its unfortunate but we have to be intentional when we say hey listen we need Black women at the table,” says Rep. Melissa Minor-Brown.

Another change that Republicans in the house wanted included making qualifications for doulas. But, Representative Minor-Brown says the next steps are to hear the bills in committee in the Senate. As of now, she believes the bill package will be successful.

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