MAJC set out to pursue funding to bring Dover’s vision to life

DOVER, Del. – MAJC also known as the Mid Atlantic Justice Coalition, community members, and officials got together to voice change for the area.

MAJC put on an event to work towards goals that the community wants to be fixed.

“The fundings there, it’s just a matter of us saying we want it and are applying for it, and oftentimes when people are working on creating change in their communities, it feels like it takes forever, and sometimes you need a little hope, sometimes you need to realize change can happen right now, so this is the MAJC NOW that we can bring, and hopefully community members will be moved in a way to participate further in getting change in our community,” says Kerri Evelyn Harris, the Regional Leader for MAJC NOW.

Officials tell 47 ABC that there is plenty of federal funding available now, but the key is to know the need of the community, so the right grants can be applied for. At the meeting, Councilman Gerald Rocha explained why these events are so important.

“The point of view and let them know that their voices are being heard, we’re going to take that data and you know based on what we hear we’re going to go out and do our very best to seek funding,” says Councilman Gerald L Rocha, Sr. of District 1.

“While it’s the capital, oftentimes it’s overlooked and we just want to make sure the residents are involved with figuring out what they would like to see Dover be,” says Kerri Evelyn Harris.

Harris says this event aimed to show both residents and the city, see each other as allies. As far as the next steps, a researcher will look for all the funding opportunities based on what people are interested in, then apply for grants.

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