Female boxers knockout stereotypes


SALISBURY Md. – Boxing may be a male-dominated sport but some young ladies at a local gym are proving gender doesn’t define them.

Coach Ty at Main Street Gym tells 47 ABC these aren’t regular women in sports but rather fighting machines.

“To they’re determined, they’re disciplined they’re loyal to the craft, they’re hardworking, they’re dedicated the list could go on forever,” says Coach Tyrone Hargrove.

Some of those young women told me what it’s like to be in the ring throwing a punch.

“When I’m in the ring, I feel like I’m building a sense of confidence that I’ve never had before, I feel like I’m able to carry myself and discipline myself enough to hold myself well in and out of the ring,” says Sheena Stevenson.

“I feel good about it because I can do the stuff that the boys do,” says Juleila Griffith.

“It feels good because you get to experience different things,” says Laelah Justice.

These young ladies are fighting and even competing in the male-dominated sport but Hal Chernoff the gym owner says getting in the ring holds a deeper meaning.

“To empower them just like I do the boys as well, they come in here questioning their abilities, questioning what they can get out of their bodies, questioning everything and this sport empowers them,” says Gym Owner Hal Chernoff.

Beautiful Griffith agrees with Coach Hal and she shares what kind of strength it takes to be a lady in the ring.

“Appreciation for being a female and being strong for being a fighter, it takes a lot of heart to be a female fighter,” says Beautiful Griffith.

Sheena Stevenson says don’t let gender stop you from throwing the gloves on.

“I think that females in sports should go for whatever they want to do regardless if it’s male-dominated…just do what your good at do what you love,” says Sheena Stevenson.

Main street Gym is currently working on an all-female show. Coach Ty says if you are looking to get in the ring or even take some self-defense classes, be sure to check out their gym and come ready to work.

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