DE lawmakers push legislation to bolster school security


DELAWARE – Lawmakers are looking to provide schools across Delaware with millions in a push to bolster security.

Senate Bill 14 would establish the Omnibus School Safety Fund with $65 million from the 2023 fiscal year budget.

The goal is to improve security measures in the state’s public and charter schools.

The money would go to install things like key card entrances, video cameras, bullet resistant glass, and more.

Bill Sponsor Senator David Lawson says the bill was introduced back in 2018 and was shutdown.

He adds now is the time to make the safety of children a priority. “We could’ve had these schools hardened by now and we wouldn’t be living in fear of blood on our floors,” Senator Lawson said.

“Now we’re scrabbling and going after guns. That may be a step, but the first thing in my opinion and having experience in this is to make it more difficult for any attacker to get to our children.”

The bill now sits in the Senate Executive committee and awaits consideration.

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