DE lawmakers push legislation to alleviate costs for diabetes treatment

DELAWARE –  Delaware lawmakers are looking to help those in the first state manage their diabetic treatment with new legislation.

Senate Bill 316,  would limit the amount insurers can charge for diabetes treatment and supplies.

Those items include things like blood glucose meters and strips, syringes, urine testing strips, and more.

Primary sponsor Senator Marie Pinkney tells 47ABC that diabetes is a chronic condition, meaning that it’s life-long with life-long costs.

She adds this move not only helps alleviate some of that financial stress, but puts Delawareans healthcare first. “All of us can point to stories where we’ve heard about people having to have their insulin or having to choose between diabetic supplies and gas which the cost is rising. That shouldn’t be,” Senator Pinkney said.

“These supplies are easy to overlook because sometimes if you look at the cost of just one item at a time it doesn’t seem incredibly expensive. Yet, when you are dependent on these tools and supplies on a daily basis for the rest of your life they add up.”

Senate Bill 316 does not cover insulin, as previous legislation addressed the cost and capped it at $100 per month.

There is currently no opposition to the bill passed, as it unanimously through the Senate.

The bill now heads to the House for consideration.

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