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KENT COUNTY, Del. – An organization based out of Kent County, Delaware is going to great lengths to help working-class families. If you have a family, live in Kent County, and have a job then you just might be able to get some much-needed support.

“I don’t think there will ever not be a need for a place like this for caring hearts 20 I don’t think there’s another place, especially in Kent County that does what we do for the working poor,” says Gina M. Campbell, a Volunteer with Caring Hearts, Helping Hands. (CHHH)

Sometimes making ends meet, isn’t always the easiest, that’s why organizations like Caring Hearts Helping Hands makes sure working families get some extra support. “When you’ve got working poor, they’re working, they’re trying very very hard to make ends meet, but it just doesn’t go far enough,” says Campbell. She adds, “They can sometimes pay their rent, their utilities, and with gas prices and food prices the way they are now, they just don’t make enough money to go for school supplies, for Christmas for birthdays, and anything that’s in our warehouse.”

The constant struggle of families in Kent County inspired the founders of the organization. Now almost 20 years later, CHHH goes above and beyond to help low-income working families, meaning at least one parent or guardian has to be working.

Staffed entirely by volunteers, the organization financially supports these families allowing them to shop in their warehouse for donated new and gently-used items like toiletries, non-perishable foods, health and beauty items, and much more. “They can stay with us until their children reach the age of 18 or the youngest child reaches the age of 18,” says Campbell. She adds, “Clients can come once a month and shop here in our warehouse, they can take what they need for their family we ask them not to overextend themselves so to speak.”

Not only do they have their warehouse, but they also have their heart and soul program where kids can get a packed book bag with everything they need for the school year, as well as gift cards for new shoes; Which they say they always need donations for. Campbell tells us, “It’ll help towards the usual things you put into the backpacks, the paper, the erasers, anything that we put into a backpack.”

Along with their Heart To Soul, they have their wish-granters Christmas program where the organization as well as volunteer families purchase gifts for the families in need of some help. “The parents right down what their children might like, we have a limit on what we can spend for each child and it goes by age,” says Campbell.

Those with the organization tell us, that many of their volunteers have seen what it’s like to struggle, and they wish they had someone to support them. “Our clients are working, struggling, some of us have been there in our previous lives, where we’re working, having difficulty making ends meet, need a little help,” says BJ Vankavelaar, Secretary and Board Director of CHHH.

However, with the help of the community, the organization is flourishing and we’re told with the hopes of helping more families across Kent County. “I think people need a hand, not a hand-out. There’s a lot of programs where there’s a handout, we just need to give them a hand up,” says Vankavelaar.

The organization recently received a donation to support its Heart and Sole Project which will help about 150 children. Those with CHHH say they are always looking for more families, volunteers, and donations.

To find out how you can help out, you can visit their website.

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