Beebe Healthcare has a new plan to better support community and staff

LEWES, Del. – It marks roughly five years since Beebe Healthcare’s board approved its largest expansion. Today the health system has a new plan to push those borders even further. That plan has five parts that organizers say will help all parties.

“This 5 year plan is our first step to get to the next 100 years,” says CEO of Beebe Healthcare, Dr. David Tam.

Dr. David Tam is talking about the new strategic plan made to lead Beebe Healthcare to further success over the next five years. The five-step plan includes smaller targets for a larger plan. Some of those goals are:

“We want to look at our decision making and make sure we’re agile and that we have sustainability about resources so that we can stay strong,” says Sarah Larch, the Chair of the Strategic Plan and Beebe Healthcare Board Member.

“That we’re all going to be focused on those five goals and accomplishing them so that we can make Beebe the system of choice and employer of choice for Sussex County,” says Dr. Tam.

In order to put the plan together, Strategic Planning Chair Sara Larch says there was plenty of data to consider before moving forward:

“Looked at data and historical trends and population growth going on in Sussex county to understand where patients live that have the most need, where we’re currently providing services, where we might want to look at in the future, so we kind of looked at the big picture,” says Sarah Larch.

Dr. Tam says this will not only help Beebe employees but help the community as a whole.

“What are the things we should be focusing on it was so clear that the thing we need to focus on is looking internally, taking care of our own community, and making sure they get everything they need,” says Dr. Tam.

He says this couldn’t be a more perfect time to help propel the Beebe family forward.

“What we’ve done as a health system is really survived and thrived during probably the most difficult thing any health system could have done 12.39.18 gone through 12.39.20 in 100 years,” says Dr. Tam.

The next steps for the plan are to create action steps for today, next year, and the future which will get Beebe Healthcare to its 5-year target.

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