Ahead of Delaware Pride LGBTQ Resource groups event can serve to boost mental and physical health for community

DOVER, DE- Delaware Pride, Delaware’s largest pride festival is just a few days away, with over 100 participating organizations- vendors and resource groups.

David Mariner of Sussex Pride says events like these can give people their first chance to be themselves.

“I’ve never been to a pride where it wasn’t somebody’s first item going to pride and there is power, especially for those folks who never experienced it before to be surrounded by people who love them and support them,” he said.

According to Salisbury University psychology professor Dr.Schlehofer that display benefits both the people at the event and the community as a whole.

“having an opportunity to live and to be your full self in your environment I would say is suicide prevention,” she said, adding ” by having representation it will reduce stigma by showcasing LGBTQ people are present they are supported by others and that they have value.”

But the event isn’t just about raising spirits and awareness it also helps to provide attendees with safe access to health care resources like camp Rehoboth which work to provide free Sex Ed, HIV testing, and youth programming.
advocates say they want to take out the risk of outing themselves to an unsupportive provider.

“We provide contact with doctors that are safe spaces that you can go there feel safe and not be judged,” said Camp Rehoboth HIV Tester and Counselor Amber Lee.

She says the event allows all the resources and the people who need them to be in the same place at the same time, offering a rare chance to offer interventional care, and increasing awareness of the span of programming, support groups counseling, and even recreational groups for the LGBTQ community.

“It is important for people to see there is a community here to support them and that there are resources here to support them,” she said.

“It is absolutely a public health good,” Schlehofer said but stressed that any provider that does offer to affirm care should advertise it, allowing people to know where they can get affirming care throughout the year.

Delaware Pride will be held Saturday, June 4th in front of the Dover Legislative Hall.





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