Tiny Home Village funding approved for Georgetown


GEORGETOWN, Md — The city of Georgetown received some good news, their town council has approved funding for a Tiny Home Village.

The village will be provided by the Springboard Collaborative for homeless individuals in the area. The vote was unanimous with all council members in favor. The 500,000 dollar grant will allow the organization to purchase personal sleeping cabins. Executive Director Judson Malone tells 47ABC, that the funding will help push the project forward in 2 parts.

“There’s the upfront one-time capital cost to create the palet village and then there’s ongoing operating expenses: supportive services, meals, and so forth,” Malone says.

There are still plans that have to be worked out while the organization waits for the funding to be released. Malone tells 47ABC he hopes that the village will be up and running by the Fall, just in time for the next winter season.

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