“The core of the ordinance is the same” Seaford Mayor Reacts to Changes to Controversial Fetal Remains ordinance

SEAFORD, Del.- Seaford Mayor David Genshaw says the changes to the controversial fetal remain ordinance passed by the town council this week were a response to the judge examing the case as part of a lawsuit against the town by the Delaware Attorney General.

He tells us in effect, that the changes were done to clarify clerical concerns by the judge, and that the changes did not affect the ordinance.

“The core of the ordinance is the same, the judge asked us to clean up the language the state city worked together on the language we could all agree on so that when we did go to court we didn’t get hung up on those small areas where we were already in agreement,” he said.

That lawsuit against the ordinance is ongoing and the judge is expected to reach a decision in June. Genshaw says the law is about preserving the dignity of fetal remains, while critics say the ordinance is a way of stopping Planned Parenthood from being able to effectively operate.

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