Summer Safety Campaign reminding residents, visitors to stay safe while having fun in Ocean City

OCEAN CITY, Md.- With summer rolling in quickly and more visitors coming to Maryland’s largest beach town, Ocean City and state leaders are reminding you to walk smart, drive smart, and bike smart.

“Everybody’s on vacation and it’s easy to forget the rules of the road and what you’re supposed to be doing; and you really need to be conscious of that with so many people being around in such a confined area,” Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan said.

Keeping people safe is a top priority for Maryland’s Department of Transportation and the Town of Ocean City. The two of them are teaming up for a roadway safety campaign called the Summer Safety Campaign. It will feature Cheswick the Crab Lifeguard who will share safety tips throughout the resort town, whether that be on buses, billboards, or social media.

“Everybody’s here in Ocean City to have a great time and we want to make sure that everybody gets to enjoy their time here and get somewhere safe,” Ashley Miller, the Deputy Communications Manager for the Ocean City Police Department, said.

“Get pedestrians to look both ways, make sure bicyclists are following the rules of the road, and stop at stop lights, don’t try to run the lights,” Tim Kerns, Director of MDOT MVA’s Highway Safety Office, said.

And, Cheswick isn’t a random name. The safety Crab is named after a pedestrian who was hit and killed by a car, while he was walking along Coastal Highway in 2012.

“Over 50,000 vehicles a day go down Coastal Highway during the summer and that puts them in interaction with not only other vehicles, but lots of beach goers lots of pedestrian traffic, and lots of folks that like to ride their bicycles,” Kerns said.

With this in mind, OC officials want to make sure they’re spreading these safety messages all summer long, especially with the big crowds they’re expected to see and the fun events attracting them to Ocean City.

“Although we have had some good crowds to date, you’re going to see crowds increase dramatically,” Mayor Meehan said.

“Especially with this weekend with the cruise-in event, we are expecting to see thousands of people in town and I expect that every weekend here on out that number is just going to keep on rising,” Miller said.


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