Suburban Propane makes $5,000 dollar donation to Children’s Beach House, helps kids plant flowers as part of learning exercise

LEWES, Del. – Preschoolers with development delays in Delaware got the chance to learn planting skills and socialize with kids their age at the Children’s Beach House in Lewes on Wednesday.

Preschoolers got the chance to learn about interpersonal skills and socializing with other children both with and without learning impediments.

Children’s Beach House Executive Director Richard T. Garrett says the children come from under-resourced districts and really benefit from getting their hands dirty and literally digging in.

“It’s about giving them a hands-on experience to help them understand where life comes from, plant life, and how our food is created grown, and goes from garden to table,” he said.

The event was done in partnership with Suburban Propane who, along with getting involved in planting with the kids themselves, also made a $5,000 donation. Their general manager Brent Stubbs tells us he understands that a traditional classroom can be tough for special needs kids- and was thrilled to give them a fun alternative.

“There are challenges at some times with developmental stages so having them and showing them something hands-on something visual to see and watch versus a video textbook is a little different in this capacity,” he said.

Administrators at the Children’s Beach House say it’s not just about learning to plant flowers; the event gave them a way to practice teamwork, conflict resolution, and interaction with adults who were engaged in their education.

We find the kids with communicative disability especially if they have a processing disability that being able to touch and see and feel things really gives them a different way of learning and that experiential learning’s is key to their success,” Garrett said. 

Garrett tells us the $5,000 donation will go towards helping pay for tuition for students who might not otherwise be able to attend their program.

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