Jay Copeland makes it to the Top 7 on American Idol

SALISBURY, Md. — Local star Jay Copeland continues on the show American Idol.

On Sunday nights show, the Salisbury native sang remember me from the movie Coco, that is because last nights theme was Disney related. Now he is in the Top 7! 47ABC spoke with Jay to see what it is he’s learned the most as he endures such an awesome experience. Which is you have to be strong.

“The thing I have gained the most in being in this competition is tough skin. A lot of times the show the competition will show smiles and giggles just the performance part of it, but they don’t show what happens behind the scenes,” Jay tells 47ABC.

He also says that can include the rough comments and critiques that the participants get. Jay says the experience can be emotional, affecting the contestant mentally. However, that’s not stopping him, its helping him to grow.

“I think I am so proud of myself for having tough skin and you know its okay to not be strong,” Jay adds.

You can watch him sing tonight too right here on 47ABC, be sure to cast your vote tonight.

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