“It’s just a staple, Mom’s like flowers:” Local florists keep Mother’s Day blooming despite flower shortages

SALISBURY, Md. – April showers bring May flowers, just in time for Mother Day’s.

Management at Kitty Flower’s in Salisbury says the holiday is their busiest week of the year.

“People like to buy fresh flowers because it’s something you don’t typically buy yourself,” said Owner Robin Gravenor.  “Because everybody wants to send something to their mom, or their aunt, or someone that’s been like a mom to them.”

As they prepare their decorative arrangements, Gravenor says they still face challenges with getting their hands-on product.

“The supply and demand thing is still there, so we just need people to order early so that we can plan for their order,” Gravenor said.

Seraphic Blooming Company, though a smaller operation, is preparing for its 2nd Mother’s Day.  Owners say with the supply chain shortages, they’ve had to get creative on how to keep things blooming.

“A lot of things that we have to do is kind of make flowers that we can get look like other flowers. Kind of flex them, fluff them and make them look like other flowers,” Owner & Lead Florist Shaylee Caim said.

One secret both florists say is getting them through the holiday rush is the supply from local growers, helping them avoid shipping delays and providing them with a fresher product.

“Sometimes flowers get stuck in what’s called customs and they’re looking and will stop the order. We can’t guarantee if we’re going to get that order now because if they’re holding it and searching through it then that product dies,” Caim said.

“They typically charge big fees and they send it to a local flower shop anyway, and the local flower shop isn’t getting all the money that people paid for their order,” Gravenor said.

As Mother’s Day is just around the corner,  local florists urge customers to act sooner than later because…”It’s just a staple, mom’s like flowers,” Caim said.

Local Florists also say that if your mom is out of town, it’s best to order from a flower shop where she lives to ensure that the bouquet gets there on time.

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