‘If You Care, Leave Them There,’ DNREC says to avoid rescuing wildlife

DELAWARE – DNREC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife is giving viewers an important message if you see young wildlife in the backyard or anywhere outdoors avoid rescuing it.

We’re told taking or rescuing a young wild animal from the wild almost inevitably means that it will not survive. While some young animals may appear to be abandoned, most often they are not.

If you see a young wild animal alone, watch from a distance to see if its mother returns but know that could take several hours. We’re also told you should be aware that wild animals can be unpredictable, and remember that it is illegal to raise or keep a live wild animal in Delaware. “So in a majority of the cases, it’s nature and just because you see a baby and the mother is not visible, it doesn’t mean she’s overlooking,” says Director of Fish and Wildlife, David Saveikis. “In the broad perspective of wildlife is, if you care leave them there and I think that’s an important message, it kind of says it all in itself.”

DNREC officials also say if you do see young wildlife in need of help and the mother is visibly dead, to contact the Delaware council on wildlife rehabilitators and educators.

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