Funding secured for $1.2 million dollar sewer pipe move to make way for water front park in Seaford

Seaford Updates Fetal OrdinanceSEAFORD, De-  State, local, and federal leaders in Seaford today celebrating a 1.2 million dollars secured funding package to move a sewage pipeline on the riverbank of the Nanticoke, making way for the next phase of the towns Oyster House Park development.

The funding was secured by Delaware Senator Tom Carper, as an additional line item on top of the Build Back Better funding secured by Delaware.

“This is what we would call an assist on the play, with this funding helping to get people to recreate to come to Seaford and to invest in critical infrastructure like wastewater,” Sen. Carper said.

The plan is to move the pipeline, currently located at the bottom of South Pearl and South Cannon Street further inland and uphill, freeing the river basin for further development, and protecting the pipes from the threat of rising water levels.

Advocates for the park, thanking the Senator’s involvement to secure the funds, and are thrilled that they can begin drafting plans to move the pipes, which could take 18 months to complete.

“I think this park will bring enough traffic downtown that I think can revitalize the city itself and we cant go to the full park plan unless we move the sewer so it is critical absolutely critical that senator carper got this money,” said Chesapeake Conservancy President Randall Larrimore.

Seaford Mayor David Genshaw says even though the sewer is only moving around 30 feet, the price tag for moving it out of the way was too much for the town to tackle alone.

“It’s critical infrastructure but it’s not something people necessarily see and it’s always when we talk infrastructure improvements millions and millions of dollars and just takes so much time,” Genshaw said.

Senator Carper tells us he’s thrilled to be able to help the town and hopes the community will take to the park when it is completed.

When I come here I want to see people recreating, living here and people wanting to visit here spend some money here and help support the economy.





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