Del. lawmakers closing the gap on racial/gender inequities for business owners

DELAWARE –  Lawmakers are looking to tackle many inequities in the first state’s business community.

A 2022 Disparity Study by MGT consulting examined first state businesses from 2015 to 2020 and found that businesses owned by women received less than 3% of the state’s contracting budget. It also found that businesses owned by people of color received less than 7% during that same time frame.

State Senator Bryan Townsend says the study verified what he already knew and it’s now time for action. He adds that now that the hard data is available, it’s time for more diversity among first state contractors.

“The Office of Supplier Diversity is an office in Delaware that needs more resources to do its job and needs to be invited into the table early own. They need be a key part and at the early stages of finding state contractors and not on the back end only,” Senator Townsend said. “There are a whole lot of people out there that are qualified to do the work, provide the services, provide the goods, and they should all have a chance at accessing these state resources.”

Townsend also says, many minority-owned businesses in Delaware aren’t aware of the state resources available to them and that’s something he wants to change by expanding access.

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