As Covid cases climb, health officials say the era of high hospitalization, fatality numbers is fading

SALISBURY, Md. – As both Wicomico and Worcester Counties report high over 100 new covid cases a week, health officials say they don’t expect these surges to lead to the high levels of hospitalizations and deaths of previous covid waves.

Health officials at TidalHealth Penninsula Regional Hospital point to the availability of outpatient treatments for covid positive patients like paxlovid and less deadly strains as the reason covid cases are becoming closer to traditional viral infections in the level of responses seen from healthcare systems.

“Covid has become like the common cold where unless it creates morbidities the spread of it is like any other virus,” said Dr. Chris Snyder. 

Snyder tells us that he has been prescribing paxlovid with great success in older patients, and that the level of fatalities and hospitalizations are at low levels in his hospitals.

“It is presenting as upper respiratory infections, and when we test them we see they are covid positive but we are seeing many older people come in and have great results with paxlovid which is outpatient,” he said.

Dr. Snyder says that testing, while still a useful tool, is now more of a stat, than an indication of overall public health.

“It’s becoming less of a dangerous illness, it is not killing people it’s not even hospitalizing people anymore, it is becoming less virulent and that is a good thing,” he said.

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