Racial Equity Consortium could help address inequities faced by people of color

DELAWARE – Some lawmakers are trying to pass a bill that would create a Racial Equity Consortium.

The African American Task Force supports the creation of the Consortium which would study and make recommendations concerning the disparities and inequities faced by people of color in the First State.

Mike Brickner, Executive Director of ACLU Delaware, said it’s past time for the state to address many of the racial inequity pieces.

“Here, in the state, we do have a number of challenges around racial equity, where we have a justice system that disproportionately incarcerates and criminalizes people of color,” Brickner said. “We also have a lack of opportunities and access in terms of educational equity, employment, housing.”

The Consortium’s membership would include representatives of organizations that are already working on racial justice issues in the first state.

“I think it’s certainly important to have folks who are executives, non-profit agencies, or are working in governmental agencies to address these issues to be on the committee, but I also think it’s important to have folks who are directly impacted by these racial injustices top be here,” Brickner said. “So, having folks who have been through the justice system or even having young people who are currently students in Delaware public schools, or having someone who is a small business owner, who’s a minority business owner, who is trying to get their business off the ground.”

Delaware’s ACLU Executive Director also said it’s important to ensure that there’s a way for the legislature to actually act on the recommendations from the consortium.

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