Locals weigh in on mask mandate changes, health experts urge keeping safety a priority


DELMARVA – Depending on where you are, you may see people with or without masks. This, after COVID-19 cases continue to dwindle and restrictions change by the minute.

Yet, Dr. Chris Snyder with TidalHealth urges keeping on that mask where people are sick or for anyone with underlying health conditions.

“They really should consider if they’re in a long term, closed environment with a group of people they don’t know they should probably mask,” Dr. Snyder said.  “As we know COVID likes to attack the weak and the sick.”

We went out into the streets, to hear what people thought about masking.

We spoke with some who say it should be a choice left up to the individual. “We do live in America, so we have a right to choose all that stuff. So I think it should just be a matter of personal choice,” Local resident Ryan Wilburn said.

Others we spoke with say when it comes to matters of health, leaving it as a decision of personal preference could be risky. “I wish that we could count on people using personal responsibility and keeping themselves safe, but if we could do that then a million people wouldn’t be dead,” Local resident Jarrell Corbin said.

“This is deeply personal for me, my grandmother actually died of COVID about a year and a half ago. So for me, the personal responsibility or preference if you will rhetoric only goes so far,” Local resident Tj West said.

Mask confusion continues to grow after the CDC recommended masks during travel. This,  after the federal government’s 15-month travel mask mandate came to an end earlier this week.

Yet, local health experts advise that wherever you are, to proceed with caution as the pandemic is far from over. “When you’re right on top of someone in an elevator with 6 people you run a risk of spreading things but the exposure has to be long enough to transmit so,” Dr. Snyder said.

It’s that judgment community members say they’ll use to keep themselves safe. “I don’t want to have a cold, I don’t want to have sniffles, I want to be able to eat fried chicken. I can’t eat it if I can’t taste or smell it, so I would rather just walk around with a mask and keep myself safe,” Corbin said.

Dr. Snyder adds that on top of masking to remember to practice good hand washing hygiene as it plays a huge role in reducing viral transmission.

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