Local synagogue celebrates Holocaust Remberance Day

EASTON, Md. – Thursday marked Holocaust Remembrance Day, where Jewish communities across the world remember the 6 million lives that were taken.

The day, known as Yom Hashoah, typically features the lighting of candles symbolizing the lives lost and passing the lessons of history to the younger generation. Rabbi Peter Hyman of Temple B’nai Isreal in Easton tells us every passing year the event becomes more important as fewer Holocaust survivors remain to tell their stories.

“In not too long a time there will be no one left alive who has the numbers on their arm and then this becomes ancient history, past history, and when it is past history it is relegated to the shelf of “oh it happened in the past,'” said Rabbi Peter Hyman¬† Temple B’nai Israel.

Rabbi Hyman says with the rise of hate crimes and anti-Semitic attacks in recent years he says it’s more important than ever to learn about the holocaust teach tolerance and understand the human toll including many more millions of people that were not Jewish that were killed.

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