JMB students receive Marlee Road to Success scholarship

SALISBURY, Md. – Getting a driver’s license is a major teenage milestone. However, for some families, it’s an unaffordable one. The Marlee Road to Success scholarship is designed to help students hit the road. The money helps students pay for driving instruction and learner’s permit fees.

“I was made aware that people can’t get licenses for driving. And, for me having my license taking me places, it’s helped me make memories with friends. So, I wanted to give back for that,” said scholarship founder Marlee Dashiell. “These kids have dreams, things that they want to accomplish. Having that help there definitely offers peace of mind.”

Wedesnday, James M. Bennett High School sophomore Larissa Furniss, and junior Naomi Penzo were awarded the scholarship. Salisbury Mayor Jake Day was on hand to give out the awards. “We wish you a lot of luck and congratulations. Remember to bring those skills back to Salisbury. We need you right here,” he told the winners.

Furniss says she decided to apply because money is tight at home. “I figured we could use all the help we could get, which is actually in time because I’m taking my permit test on Saturday,” she said. “Every penny counts. It doesn’t matter the amount. And, it can’t hurt to apply.”

Dashiell says, moving forward, he hopes the scholarship grows to help more students achieve their driving goals. “When I was told that this was a need, I felt that this was really really important to help out,” he said. “I feel like I have accomplished [that]. I feel like I’m able to help.”

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