High school students in Cambridge plant trees for Earth Day

CAMBRIDGE, Md- Students from Cambridge South Dorchester High School spent Friday morning planting 36 trees in a local park, as part of the collaborative effort between MDNR Tree Stewards, the Town of Cambridge, Shore rivers, and the local Sierra Club chapter.

“It feels great man getting some sun some energy it’s earth day helping the community we love it out here,” said junior Demarion Jones.

The project was possible due to the 3,500 dollar grant from MDNR that was used to help purchase the trees, equipment, and mulch for the effort.

Organizers praised the collaboration between the town and volunteer organizations in helping design a fun way for kids to help make their town, environment, and the planet a place worth preserving for future generations.

“The city came out and flagged some areas for us, showing where the species of trees are going where and the kids laid out the trees, dug some holes that are bigger than the tree, added some amendments to fix the soil, and planted their tree in the mulch,” said Suzzane Sullivan of Shorerivers, adding “In class when you are in school you can talk about doing things all day but to get outside in your community and do the things make you realize how easy it is to actually take action.”

And students got into the tree planting action.

“I have the biggest tree out there and I just want everyone to know that I planted it, I took the tree out in the ole dug te ole through all the roots all the rocks made it happen,” said Junior Arianna Yuman.

Tree steward Carlos Estin says the trees aren’t just about improving the soil and air in the community, he tells us they will make the park a place people want to spend time and preserve.

“These are all native trees and not only that but besides the benefit to the soil and the conditions here the beauty is boosted too as we have the colors change through the season we get that variety and we will enjoy it more,” Estin said.





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