Heacook Fest sees celebration of life, raises money for memorial scholarship

DELMAR, Del. –  One year after the tragic death of Keith Heacook, the community in Delmar hosted a block party in his name hoping to raise money and morale for law enforcement.

A live band, classic car show, Jeeps from the Ocean City Jeep Club, helicopter landings, and even a Rockwall were just some of the attractions at the festival.

Organizers told 47ABC, that it was the event he would have wanted.

“We tailored these bands these events around what Keith would love because he loved live music just like I do and we wanted to honor him with a party, not a somber event,” said Organizer Doug Marshall.

The event saw law enforcement from both Maryland and Delaware in attendance, as well as helicopters from both Delaware and Maryland troops. Lt. Wade Alexander of Delmar PD told 47ABC, that their presence and the more than a thousand people in attendance didn’t go unnoticed.

“This means a lot for us in the department to be a part of something special for us that the community has put together and a celebration of his life and law enforcement as a whole,” he said.

Organizers say the money from the event will keep Heacook’s legacy going by funding a scholarship to help high school students in Delmar work to become law enforcement officers. Students like Samuel Brombley received a $500 grant to help him on his way.

“It’s really an honor, I was a little nervous at first to see the amount of people it was really just a good emotional moment the whole community coming together,” he said.

Brombley was presented the award by Alexander and Wicomico County State’s Attorney Jamie Dykes. Dykes tells us the impact of the fund won’t end with Brombley and will be a key tool in boosting recruitment numbers for police departments.

“The fund is an incredible endowment that a resounding commitment to public safety in our community at a time when fewer and fewer are entering the profession,” she said.

She says for her, the event is bittersweet and a reminder of what service for others can mean- she says she hopes that’s the message that the event will stay with people long after Heacook Fest.

“I hope that people take away an inclination to do more do a bit more for their citizens and their community and that’s how we make progress,” she said.

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