Delegate Chris Adams seeks Re-election for 3rd term

MARYLAND- Delegate Chris Adams is seeking a 3rd term to represent district 37b in Maryland which covers Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, & Wicomico counties. The delegate is pointing to his strong conservative record but also says he’s able to work across the aisle.
Delegate Adams also says that fighting for the eastern shore earned him the ‘Maryland retailer award for state legislator’ in 2020.

He says while fiery language might help other candidates get elected, but once in Annapolis the dynamic changes, as legislators from Baltimore, Prince George’s, and Montgomery County are in leadership positions on key committees. He tells us,  he has built relationships with those lawmakers and is able to help give the Eastern shore a voice because of it.

“Legislating is a very calm and deliberative process that has taken me a while to develop relationships and be able to create compromise, and when we have a bad bill we try to fix it or if it is blocked in my position I have the ability to make that call,” he said

Delegate Adams also says he’s eager to get back to work specifically on how the state will pay for ‘paid family medical leave’  which was passed in the last session.

He says he is against the bill, but now that it is in law he wants to make sure it does not ballon the state’s budget and is made workable and sustainable for the state, for years when funding might not be as readily available as this year.


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