Cpl. Keith Heacook Banners raised in downtown Delmar

DELMAR, Md- Light fixtures across downtown Delmar now feature a picture of fallen Delmar Police Officer Cpl.Keith Heacook, commemorating the sacrifice he made just under a year ago.

Delmar MD’s Mayor Ben Jorden tells me the permanent installations help to formalize the more homemade tributes that could be seen on street signs and homes in Delmar in memory of Heacook. He tells me they plan to have even more banners, to commemorate all those who serve.

“The thought process is we honor him and his memory and in the next few years more pictures and other families who serve in the military and other branches we fill up the whole downtown each light pole,” he said.

He tells us the town is excited as preparations are underway for HeacookFest, a block party Thursday night starting at 6 pm. They tell me the event will help to raise money that can be folded into a scholarship to help to graduate Delmar HS seniors look into careers in law enforcement. Delmar Chief Ivan Barkley tells us it’s a great way to boost recruiting.

“Now I’m sure every department is having issues with recruits and with this scholarship, if we can get them started in the right way its great for us, great for the town it’s a win-win,” Barkley said adding “As soon as the town approached us about this event we were onboard and its an excellent way to keep his name in the community it is a great event and we are so excited to be a part of it.”

Mayor Jorden tells us the event will have free entrance but requires registration through Facebook. He tells us donations are recommended for those in attendance.





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