Celebrating arbor day, what community members can do to care for their trees

DELMARVA – Local agriculture and tree experts are sharing their thoughts on National Arbor Day, and how you can help both plant and maintain trees around you.

According to Delmarva arborist, Lou Meyer, the day is about more than just celebrating trees. Meyers says trees add so much to our lives that it’s easy to take them for granted. Trees produce oxygen, clean the air, put water into the air, create wildlife habitats, and so much more.

Meyers also says climate change and land development are constant tree threats. “We can’t stop that but what we can do is supplement those trees being removed by planting more and planting the right trees in the right places.” Meyers adds, “We’ve had a tough go with wild weather fluctuations, hotter summer temperatures, water levels that are rising and falling all the time, so this is a great time to champion trees and to celebrate them.”

While environmental groups across Delmarva are doing their part to plant more trees, the experts say it’s also important to care for the ones we already have.
Associate Professor of Forest Ecology at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Dr. Stephanie Stotts tells 47 ABC, that one of the biggest mistakes people make is putting too much mulch around the tree, which can suffocate the tree.

Dr. Stotts says basic pruning and educating yourself about fertilizer are great ways to help your trees thrive. “If you plant a tree that’s native to the area and adapt to these conditions, you shouldn’t need to do too much maintenance to keep your tree healthy.” She adds, “So really picking something that you love, that will fit the space, and you’re also going to take better care of it and have more pride in it.”

Dr. Stotts at UMES also says it’s important to get kids involved with arbor day because if they learn about the importance of tree planting and tree health now, our environment will have a much brighter future.

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