Bikes Without Borders ride to raise money for autistic children

OCEAN CITY, Md- Over 70 riders from Bikers Without Borders went on a ride across Worcester County, starting at Wicomico Street in Ocean City. The event featured a block party for riders to bid on auctions, donate, buy T-shirts and help support local bars that partnered up to host.

Wendy DiBuo, the owner of CorkBar, also founded the Autistic Children Support Group of Worcester County which received an over 10,000 dollar donation as part of the fundraising efforts.

She tells us this is the first time her group has hosted an event of this scale and she was thrilled with the turnout, knowing just how far the money will go to improving the care of special-needs children.

“I expect miracles every day and I see them on the faces of the kids and the families we help and seeing the bikers and all that support it was really quite overwhelming,” she said.

She tells she started the group over 20 years ago when her own son was diagnosed with autism and she wanted to help him get to reach his potential.

“We founded the group because we wanted parents to know they are not alone and my son now is a semester away from graduating with a master’s,” she said.

Bikers Without Borders Secretary Lacey Edgerton tells us these are the types of causes her group loves to help with and were thrilled to get the chance to raise money while doing what they love; riding across Delmarva’s coastline.

‘It’s personal to us because these are the children in our community so the money we raise every single cent from the registration to the shirts, to the silent auction at the bars every single dollar is going to the group and to the families that need accesses to support services, therapy, and even mobile devices,” she said.

And Diego is not the only one with a personal connection to the cause. Biker’s Without Borders Organizer Rob Baker says he also has an autistic child and couldn’t be happier with the turnout.

“It’s heartwarming I’m actually an autism dad- my oldest boy chase has autism so its very heartwarming to have this many brothers and sisters show up for a great cause,” he said adding “the feeling of the wind and being able to ride being with your brothers and sisters for a great cause you can’t put it into words.”

DiBuo tells us the money will help fund work-study jobs programs for autistic children in Worcester County this summer.






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